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The Angels looked upon the quaint land of Alduram with sympathy. The Legion’s power laced within the soil and rocks knew no boundaries of immortals influence. Gabriella, the leader of the Angel pack, had made a short journey to Alduram looking to reason with Capulous, leader of the Legion. Capulous was definitely one to be feared, as he represented the core element of death and destruction. Each Angel and Legion had a sole purpose.

Gabriella’s expressions were disheartening to the other Angels upon her return. Another failed attempt. There is no reasoning with the Legion to give Alduram some breathing room, so they can live in peace. We must do something to intervene! But how can we, without breaking into an all-out war in the mortal’s world?

For hundreds of years, this on-going issue laid heavy in the hearts of many Angels. There was still hope, but time was running out. The Angels with His help, took drastic measures in a desperate time.

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The world is a big place. It is controlled by mortals who generally mess things up so badly, it can set them back to the Stone Age. The small town of Allegri was in no way an exception to this threat.

Sasha laid in the warm sand, appreciating the sun’s natural light. This was a rare occasion, as the continent of Alduram is only allowed a few weeks of sun per year, forcing the Aldurians to live in darkness most of their lives. As the daughter of the Aldurian King, Sasha did not take her privileged life for granted like her sisters. The oldest of three girls, she did her fair share in raising and attending to her baby siblings from a young age. She was fearless, yet gentle, courageous, and kind. Little did she know, those traits were to become amplified, and everything she knew about her dear country was about to change.

(To be continued…)

Author’s Note: Hello to my dear readers! This is the start of something beautiful. I invite you into my imagination where my characters will be brought to life in your mind and dreams! This is Alduram, a place filled with daring adventures, beautiful and fascinating creatures, and stories worthy for any age and gender. I hope you like my stories enough to subscribe and comment. I will open your eyes to a unique and enjoyable, thrilling story of the battle between Angels and Legion!


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